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Featured Client: Sportfishing Islamorada.

The owner of Gold Reserve Charters called Strategic Strategies with a new business concept, to create a online directory focused on offshore fishing and related activities available in Islamorada Florida, via our content management system.  Sportfishing Islamorada also utilizes Strategic Strategies for their Bid For Placement Search Marketing, Hosting and their Social Media Marketing.


Featured Client: KDA Industrial Design Consultants.

As one of Strategic Strategies newest clients, KDA Industrial Design Consultants started using Strategic Strategies for hosting, site maintenance, and content updates.  KDA Industrial Design Consultants also utilizes Strategic Strategies for their Bid For Placement Search Marketing, and their Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Featured Client: Dubak Electrical Maintenance Corporation.

As one of Strategic Strategies long standing clients, Dubak Electrical Maintenance Corp. has used Strategic Strategies for redesign several times over the years, most recently incorporating several Web 2.0 features in their new website.  Dubak Electrical also utilizes Strategic Strategies for their broadcast emails, and their social media marketing. 

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Bid For Placement Marketing

What is Bid For Placement Marketing?

Bid For Placement (BFP Marketing) is a term commonly used to describe search engine marketing programs that allow advertisers to choose one or more keywords and offer to pay a fee to Google or another search engine who link to the marketer’s site by clicking on that keyword. The marketer’s offer of payment competes against the offers of other marketers, with the highest bid-per-click earning the top ad placement for that keyword, the second-highest bid getting the second-highest position, and so on. The search engine tracks users’ clicks for each marketer and bills them at the rate the marketer bid for each click received. Although this is a popular way of obtaining better exposure on search engines and increasing visits to a website, bid for placement is also criticized by many marketers, because it assigns the best positions in search results to those who pay the most, rather than to those whose site is most relevant to the user’s search.

Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay Per Click (PPC) is another term used for Bid For Placement Marketing. PPC marketing campaigns are a powerful tool for attracting traffic to a website. Strategic Strategies can help you develop a PPC campaign that will bring you more high quality leads that will convert more quickly, generating more revenue faster. If you’re interested in generating high-quality leads, this is a tactic you should seriously consider. Our dedicated PPC experts will create a campaign that will generate the web traffic you want for e-commerce, new leads, or simply to share your story. We’ll help you target the campaign sop it’s specifically tailored to your target audience, your budget, and your marketing goals. Then, we’ll continually read the results and optimize your campaign to improve your ROI month after month. It’s just one of the ways Strategic Strategies helps you manage your campaign and keeps you up-to-date on the performance of your marketing investment.

Our Custom-tailored Pay Per Click packages include:

  • Keyword development and research – we’ll create the right mix of low cost, high volume keywords that to deliver cost-effective, qualified traffic and conversions
  • Landing page consultation – our online marketing experts will show you how to improve your current landing pages and they’ll apply best practices to help you create new ones.
  • BFP Campaign strategy outline – we give you a comprehensive preview of your campaign structure, including optimized keywords, landing pages, geo-targeting information, and professionally-written copy.
  • PPC account set up – we will create and set up your PPC accounts, giving you complete access so you can check in on your account performance any time
  • Tracking and reporting – You’ll have a complete and timely picture of how your online programs and paid marketing campaigns are performing, down to the keyword level, through Google Analytics and PPC conversion tracking. Strategic Strategies will provide you with real-time campaign and traffic data, along with your personalized monthly performance report containing actionable insights about your campaign.
  • Ongoing campaign optimization – We’ll show you what’s working for you and what’s not – so you’ll have a clear picture of which keywords, ads, and campaigns are delivering the results you want. We’ll build on what’s working and cut out the deadwood.
  • Total campaign management – Strategic Strategies will professionally manage your campaign from start to finish, ensuring that your marketing dollars deliver a positive ROI and the program performance is achieving your goals

Think PPC Advertising is Unaffordable?

Not at all. A PPC campaign may be the perfect tool for you, no matter what your budget. Strategic Strategies has experienced PPC marketers who know how to compete in the paid search auction environment, and win.. We can even create campaigns that will only appear to prospects in certain locations during certain times of the day. That makes is possible for you to reach hard-to-find prospects exactly when they are looking for information about your product or service, and ready to buy. For maximum maximized search engine exposure, the most effective Internet marketing strategies typically combine SEO and PPC. Strategic Strategies can show you the benefits of using these powerful sales and lead generation tools, and we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how cost-effective they really are.


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