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Featured Client: Sportfishing Islamorada.

The owner of Gold Reserve Charters called Strategic Strategies with a new business concept, to create a online directory focused on offshore fishing and related activities available in Islamorada Florida, via our content management system.  Sportfishing Islamorada also utilizes Strategic Strategies for their Bid For Placement Search Marketing, Hosting and their Social Media Marketing.


Featured Client: KDA Industrial Design Consultants.

As one of Strategic Strategies newest clients, KDA Industrial Design Consultants started using Strategic Strategies for hosting, site maintenance, and content updates.  KDA Industrial Design Consultants also utilizes Strategic Strategies for their Bid For Placement Search Marketing, and their Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Featured Client: Dubak Electrical Maintenance Corporation.

As one of Strategic Strategies long standing clients, Dubak Electrical Maintenance Corp. has used Strategic Strategies for redesign several times over the years, most recently incorporating several Web 2.0 features in their new website.  Dubak Electrical also utilizes Strategic Strategies for their broadcast emails, and their social media marketing. 

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Email Marketing

Is your company collecting your customers’ email addresses? If not, you’re ignoring one of the most powerful opportunities to communicate with your customers!

Used correctly, Email marketing offers a powerful, cost-effective tool for staying in touch with your company’s customers, fans and prospects. The relatively low cost, coupled with the ability to speak almost instantly to customers in a personalized way, makes email marketing a very attractive channel. As an added benefit, with email marketing it’s easy to measure the results, so you can fine-tune your programs for added profit.

How could your company profit from email marketing?

There are many ways to use email marketing: to create and maintain relationships with your customers, to share your knowledge, and of course to drive your sales. Strategic Strategies can assist you with designing and deploying an email marketing campaign from end-to-end. Or, if you have internal IT/web resources, we can develop the creative for you and provide you with the source files or coded templates so you can execute your own email campaigns in-house.

Broadcast Emails, not just for direct sales anymore

Besides sending news about a sale or promotion, email marketing can also be beneficial for touching your customers on a consistent basis. Our clients have successfully used broadcast email campaigns to: Gain customer feedback via on-line surveys, communicate corporate news and public relations messaging, communicate various viral marketing programs, generating new sales leads and more! No matter how you want to use email marketing, there is nothing that Strategic Strategies can't help you with. Our expertise ranges from email design, copy-writing and coding to developing acquisition, lead generation, retention & lead nurturing contact strategies and avoiding spam filters.

More connected marketing for a more connected world

We know that we are all more "plugged-in" than ever before. We use our laptops and mobile devices in places that up until a few years ago we never thought we would be able to. This is where a true broadcast email campaign strategy is critical to success, as your message instantly reaches thousands of people. With spam filters getting tougher and tougher, simply "spraying and praying" no longer is an effective way to email market your customers. Give us a call today to discuss your specific broadcast email marketing needs. We will be more than happy to work with you on developing a comprehensive broadcast email strategy that meets your customers needs.


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