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Featured Client: Sportfishing Islamorada.

The owner of Gold Reserve Charters called Strategic Strategies with a new business concept, to create a online directory focused on offshore fishing and related activities available in Islamorada Florida, via our content management system.  Sportfishing Islamorada also utilizes Strategic Strategies for their Bid For Placement Search Marketing, Hosting and their Social Media Marketing.


Featured Client: KDA Industrial Design Consultants.

As one of Strategic Strategies newest clients, KDA Industrial Design Consultants started using Strategic Strategies for hosting, site maintenance, and content updates.  KDA Industrial Design Consultants also utilizes Strategic Strategies for their Bid For Placement Search Marketing, and their Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Featured Client: Dubak Electrical Maintenance Corporation.

As one of Strategic Strategies long standing clients, Dubak Electrical Maintenance Corp. has used Strategic Strategies for redesign several times over the years, most recently incorporating several Web 2.0 features in their new website.  Dubak Electrical also utilizes Strategic Strategies for their broadcast emails, and their social media marketing. 

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socail media marketing

Guiding a new maketing approach

Your company started a blog. That’s terrific! But how are you driving traffic and what are you doing to turn readers into prospects and then into customers? Your company is on Twitter. Way to go! But are you building a meaningful following of evangelists that will promote your company? How are you engaging an audience on Twitter and starting a conversation with them? Are you inadvertently turning them off with overly-commercialized tweets? Do you even know? Strategic Strategies answers all of these questions with our time-tested solutions. Our services are proven to produce results, driving traffic, sales, and revenue for our clients. Here are just a few of the ways we can help you get involved successfully with Social Media.

Optimized Blog Development and Design

A blog is the best way for a company to reach out and build a community with prospects, customers, and clients. A blog allows the company to have a transparent platform wherein the customer is able to interact with the company, offer invaluable feedback to you and to other readers about your products and services, and learn more about the company culture.
Strategic Strategies will design and develop the blog and optimize it for search engines and for social media. We know the exact Viral DNA necessary for a popular blog and we understand how to optimize usability and readability.

Virally Enabled, Emotionally Charged Content Writing

A well-written, value-driven blog post is essential in driving traffic, establishing authority, and adding value to the community. The blog is not a press release page; it’s not an online ad. Instead, it should target a highly relevant audience, offering fresh and valuable information about your industry, serving as a site for product comments and reviews, or bringing your company’s culture to life for those who read your blog posts. Strategic Strategies will teach you how to write value-driven articles that transcend the mundane PR releases so many companies develop as blog posts. By using Strategic Strategies’s validated methods, a company will capture its social media audience and create evangelists and fans that will promote the company through blogging and other social media tools.

Optimized Twitter Campaign

Twitter is an essential tool for a company to engage its audience and build a conversation with current and potential customers. Twitter is not a place to blast advertisements; instead, the benefits of using Twitter are to create a community and a following around the company brand. Strategic Strategies can create your Twitter profile and design the format and background. But we take things a step farther. We’ll teach you how to use Twitter for internal marketing to help create and maintain a dynamic company culture. We’ll show you how to use Twitter at events, to interact with participants and the community, and how you can use Twitter to profile and target relevant users interested in buying your products or services.

Explosive and Sustainable Traffic Generation

When used effectively, social bookmarking sites and social networks are great tools for broadcasting a message or an article. The first step is to write a high-quality post; the next step is to use Stumble, Digg, and Facebook to spread the message. No content or message can be guaranteed to go “viral.” However, by using our validated methods, our clients are able to drive traffic to their sites and position themselves to gain fans and evangelists who view them as the recognized authority figures in their industries. Strategic Strategies will work closely with you to develop a successful social media strategy and produce high-quality, entertaining content that users will enjoy, value and talk about with their peers while dominating the social media landscape.

Robust Brand Monitoring

Social tools now provide companies with a great way to monitor their brand and, most importantly, to respond to anyone who is talking about them. Strategic Strategies will develop systems, tools, and processes so that a company is able to quickly find relevant users on Twitter and monitor the space for mentions of the company. Remember, the conversation is already happening online. We will make it possible for you to join the conversation in the most effective way possible that allows you to talk to your audience and build a powerfully-relevant following. Social media represents some of the newest and most powerful communication tools available on the internet today. Millions are accessing social media several times every day, and your company can’t afford to miss out on that kind of exposure.


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